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Students who attended the Possibilities Abroad Fair on Sept. 30 might have been surprised to learn just how many possibilities Gannon University offers.

Alternative Break Service Trips are well known, and there were 14 this past year, but students can now choose from an array of globe-spanning programs, including semester exchanges, the Transforming Residents Abroad Via Engaged Learning (T.R.A.V.E.L.) Program, faculty-led trips, retreats and mission trips, scholarship opportunities, and student travel experiences.

"I truly believe that studying abroad was the best decision that I made in college"

Senior Alex Fairbend was there as the beneficiary of and advocate for studying abroad. Of her experience last year at the American University of Rome, she said, "I truly believe that studying abroad was the best decision that I made in college. Not only was I able to take major-related classes that are not offered here at Gannon, I had so many wonderful opportunities, including immersing myself in another culture for four months, learning a new language, experiencing what life is like in another country, eating amazing food (and learning to cook it!) and traveling around both Italy and Europe in general. I think that my experiences were extremely beneficial in shaping me as a person, in allowing me to understand cultures other than my own, and in solidifying my goals and aspirations for the future."

Learn more about Gannon’s global initiatives from our students and staff who have traveled abroad.

Considering that the future will be an increasingly globalized one, her experience is something to consider.

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