Inspired by Tradition, Driven by a Vision

The energy and high-spirits that started this academic year have continued their momentum as we reach the close of 2014. The faculty, staff and students have united in such an inspiring and moving way that it has created success and growth for Gannon University.

It is when this rejuvenating energy is paired with our Gannon community’s dedication to our Mission, that the formula for our current success is formed. The University continues to live out the Mission, but in new, engaging and innovative ways. We’ve continued our focus on worldview through a global outreach of service, scholarship, semester exchange and a newfound movement toward inspiring our faculty, staff and students to travel and realize that the world is now our backyard. We have added new undergraduate and graduate academic programs that are being accompanied by new or renovated facilities to enrich Gannon’s educational opportunities and excel our students’ experience with the technology used in today’s industries.

This journey of growth for Gannon University is now stepping beyond the borders or Erie, Pa., and is expanding to Ruskin, Fla., where a second Gannon University campus is opening to grant graduate health professional degrees.

Recognizing our University’s history and building upon our tradition and Mission has positioned Gannon University to experience the type of growth and development that will allow our students, faculty and staff to receive an educational experience unlike any other.

I hope you are as excited and proud of Gannon as I am, and welcome you to experience the journey of growth we are embarking on through reading the articles and viewing the videos and photographs throughout this edition of Gannon Magazine Online.

Hear more about Gannon University's growth and expansion from President Keith Taylor, Ph.D.

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