In the Zone(s)

See the excitement of this year’s Wellness Fair while visiting the seven zones of wellness.

The arctic deep-freeze of February in Erie did nothing to dampen the enthusiasm of the hundreds of students, faculty and staff who attended Gannon University’s annual Wellness Fair. The attendees were—whether they knew it or not—in the zone.

Or rather, they were in the zones: the seven zones of wellness that were the theme of this first Wellness Fair to be held in the renovated Recreation and Wellness Center.

The daylong event was enhanced by the participation of almost 60 outside organizations, exhibitors and vendors, a number that was almost matched by the University offices and departments that took part.

The zones—intellectual, emotional, environmental, occupational, physical, social and spiritual–were emblematic of the comprehensive, holistic conception of wellness that is a University-wide initiative for faculty, staff and students.

The zones were also a way to organize a dizzying range of wellness-related activities, demonstrations and health screenings that included therapy dogs, treadmill desks and a screening (sponsored and staffed by the Golden Knight football team) for “Be the Match,” an organization that recruits potential donors for bone marrow transplants.

It was a perfect illustration of how wellness at Gannon University extends beyond the self, into the community and the world at-large.

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