New Faculty, New Program, New Technology

As a new addition to the Gannon Family, Ikechukwu Ohu, Ph.D., assistant professor of industrial engineering, is leading the growth of the new industrial engineering program through the expansion of state-of-the-art technology and learning opportunities offered in the Center for Advanced Engineering’s Industrial Engineering Laboratory.

Ohu is experienced in teaching robotics, ergonomics, operations research, computer integrated manufacturing and manufacturing processes. His research background lies in ergonomics associated with minimally invasive surgery, which he is still actively engaged in. Ohu is also an active member of the IPE Trauma Research Team in Gannon’s Patient Simulation Laboratory.

Ohu has recently brought a growing collection of robotic technology and industrial automation machinery to Gannon’s Industrial Engineering Laboratory to develop capabilities to address teaching and advanced research needs in core focus areas relating to: Ergonomics/Human Factors and Health Systems; Lean Systems, Operations Research, Supply Chain/Logistics Engineering, and Data/Decision Sciences; Industrial Automation and Robotics; Dimensional Metrology and Tomography; and Product Ideation and Design.

Installed in the lab is a highly adaptive, collaborative robot named Baxter, used for research in telerobotics, robot-assisted surgery, computer integrated manufacturing as well as classroom instructions and advanced research on human-robot interactions, robot-path planning and manipulation and machine learning.

This is part of a suite of new robotics research equipment, which includes the Fanuc LR Mate 200iD Educational Robot that will be used for the Certified Education Robot Training (CERT) program for students, providing them a competitive edge entering into their careers.

Ohu was a part of the Center for Advanced Engineering’s dedication and blessing ceremony in September, shortly after his arrival at Gannon, where he shared his excitement of becoming a part of the Gannon Family.

“I have been following the University’s progress and growth for quite some time. Little did I know that God in His faithfulness would not just make me a member of the Gannon Family, but also an integral part of the team blessed with the responsibility of starting what will turn out to be the best industrial engineering program in this region of the United States,” he said.

“While we as faculty members occupying the Center are focused on maintaining the strategic direction and creative energy that runs through the veins of every member of the Gannon Family, which will lead us to being one of the best engineering centers in the country, we will not forget our primary constituency– our students.”

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