A Family Tradition

Content Contributed By Rebecca Hilker ‘16

Being able to say you are a member of the Gannon University or Villa Maria College family is an honor, but for some alumni, the legacy has continued through the generations of their families. These families have had the chance to experience Gannon and Villa through the various stages of growth, and have been important members in its success.

There are families that have alumni stretching as long as three generations with Gannon and Villa. The Gaeta, Orlando, Ryan, Colt and Fulgenzio families are just a few of the many families who have had children, grandchildren, parents and other relatives attend Gannon over the years.

Joseph J. Gaeta ’62, Bachelor of Science in business administration, wife Elaine L. Gaeta

  • (Cousin) Michael J. Ambrosino ’66, Bachelor of Science in business administration and finance
  • (Son) Mark J. Gaeta ’87, Bachelor of Science in marketing
  • (Son) Jerome (Jerry) A. Gaeta ’89, Bachelor of Science in marketing
    • (Granddaughter) Alexa M. Gaeta ’14, Bachelor of Arts in psychology
    • (Granddaughter) Angela E. Gaeta ’14, Bachelor of Arts in interdisciplinary studies

“I am a member of the Class of 1987 and my love for Gannon started at any early age. My father, Joe ’62, was recruited to Gannon to play basketball from Brooklyn, New York and some of my earliest memories of Gannon are from attending basketball games at the ‘audi’ when I was in grade school.

“While attending Cathedral Prep, I decided early on that Gannon was the right fit for me to study business and play baseball. It was great to wear the maroon and gold and play baseball with my brother Jerry ’89, and for Coach Ivan George, who also coached my dad.

“My twin daughters, Angela ’14 and Alexa ’14, also had great experiences at Gannon and are both now working in their fields of study. I feel like I have been connected to Gannon my entire life and it is a special place for our entire family.”

- Mark J. Gaeta ’87

Richard G. Orlando, M.D. ’76, Bachelor of Science in biology

  • (Sister-in-law) Laurie A. Orlando ’81, Bachelor of Arts in social work
  • (Brother) Nicholas J. Orlando ’82, Bachelor of Science in management
  • (Cousin) James L. Diamond ’85, Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering
  • (Sister) Francesca Lehman  ’92, Bachelor of Arts in communication English
  • (Nephew) Nicholas S. Orlando ’09, Bachelor of Science in software engineering

“Every day, I take not just the scientific lessons I learned at Gannon with me in caring for these patients, but more importantly, have learned to express the kindness, generosity, empathy and love I saw firsthand from faculty, religious leaders and our administration to my patients and their families.”

– Richard G. Orlando, M.D. ’76

Carole Lesley Ryan ’76, Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Villa Maria College, husband Gerald Anthony Ryan

  • (Daughter) Karen P. Ryan ’91, Master of Arts in English
    • (Granddaughter) Madison Manchester ’15, Bachelor of Arts in psychology

William Colt ’80, Master of Business Administration, wife Mary B. Russo Colt, D.O. ’80, Bachelor of Science in biology

  • (Daughter) Emily M. Colt ’06, Bachelor of Science in early childhood education
  • (Daughter) Rose T. Colt ’10, Bachelor of Science in biology
  • (Son) William A. Colt ’13, Bachelor of Science in biology

Tony V. Fulgenzio ’82, Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts and ’10 Master of Educational Leadership, wife Gloria A. Fulgenzio ’83, Bachelor of Arts in communication arts

  • (Brother) Orlando V. Fulgenzio III ’85, Bachelor of Science in accounting

    (Daughter) Gina M. Fulgenzio ’14, Bachelor of Science of physician assistant and ’15 Master of Science of physician assistant
  • (Son) Gabe Fulgenzio, current student

“It's really cool being able to go to school where your family went and where your parents met. It's also interesting to hear the stories my parents tell about their time at Gannon and being able to recognize the places they are referring to when telling college stories.”

– Gabe Fulgenzio

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