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Each of us who join in the Gannon University experience creates lasting friendships with teammates, fellow club or organization members, roommates, co-workers and colleagues. Some acquire new brothers or sisters after joining a fraternity or sorority; others find support and camaraderie from professors or staff members. Like all those who have walked Gannon University’s campus, we are all part of the Gannon Family.

As we’ve reached the end of another exceptional year, we reflect on the shared memories alongside our students, alumni, friends and colleagues who have shown us what it means to be a part of the Gannon Family, and recall the many notable achievements we’ve accomplished together this year.

Several new academic buildings held their first classes after grand openings, dedications and blessing ceremonies. Others undergoing modernization, such as Beyer Hall, are in the final weeks of construction, while more transformation begins with a total revitalization of the Nash Library.

A record number of freshly minted Gannon graduates walked across the stage at Commencement, heading out to lead our world. Included in their midst were student-athletes who were nationally recognized for their incredible gifts. Our student media groups received awards and hold national standing among their peers for their talent and creativity. Passionate faculty and staff led service and global-learning initiatives opening the minds of our students and those they met. Alumni continue to excel in their professions and in every aspect of their lives serving others. While we have accomplished much together, more is yet to come.

As part of the Gannon family, we often experience our community taking the time to help one another, to answer questions, to teach and to mentor. We share our knowledge, experience, and in some cases, our legacies, creating a lasting, positive impact on our students. Together, the Gannon Family is inspiring students to believe, and empowering them to pursue careers across the world, to chase their dreams, to make a difference, and to leave their mark.

Gannon University is a family that is driven by our Catholic Identity and our Mission, embodied in service, inclusiveness and global citizenship. We are brought together by our care for one another, by our ambition to innovate and lead in our professions and disciplines, and by our commitment to providing a valuable and transformational life experience for every student. Through this, we are reminded of the power of a Gannon education and the strength we hold together as the Gannon Family.

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