Victory for a Red Sox Coach

Colin Feikles ’17M felt a personal victory when the Boston Red Sox claimed the 2018 World Series title. He did, after all, train and rehabilitate some of the players who were on the field that day.

Feikles is the head strength and conditioning coach for the Lowell Spinners, the Class A Short Season Minor League Baseball affiliate of the Boston Red Sox, since 2018. He also played a role rehabbing and training players of the Major League team that won the 2018 World Series.

Feikles said seeing some of the Major League players he worked with lead the team to a World Series win was a humbling yet satisfying moment.

 Colin Feikles helps Nick Decker of the Lowell Spinners

 Colin Feikles helps Nick Decker of the Lowell Spinners gain mobility in preparation for a game.

“I care so much about (the players). That’s what drives me,” Feikes said. “I hate when bad things happen to people, because I had a lot happen to me. If I can somehow control that for the players, I’ve done my job. I keep them healthy and moving so they can do what they love.”

Feikles graduated from Gannon’s Master of Science in Sport and Exercise Science Program. Now, he designs and implements training programs for both minor and Major League athletes in the weight room and on the field, and rehabilitates injured team members. His work earned him the 2019 Minor League Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Year in New York-Penn League.

“I hate when bad things happen to people, because I had a lot happen to me. If I can somehow control that for the players, I’ve done my job.”
-Colin Feikles

The career opportunity wasn’t an easy catch. But Feikles, who was born mostly deaf and communicates using hearing aids and lip-reading techniques, is known for his determination.

In 2016, Feikles shadowed Pirates’ strength and conditioning coach Frank Valesquez, who motivated him to pursue a full-time position in that field.

He’d have to make connections to get there, however. “I made a lot of phone calls,” Feikles said. “I would ask, ‘Can I pick your brain on a couple things?’ and meet someone that way.”

Feikles also connected with a mentor and well-known coach, Zach Dechant, through an internship with Texas Christian University. The relationship led to his current position with the Boston Red Sox organization.

World Series Ring Boston Red Sox 2018

Colin Feikles was awarded a 2018 World Series ring in recognition for his work with the Boston Red Sox that year.

Feikles himself had a successful baseball career while enrolled at La Roche College. In 2014, he became the school’s first-ever Third Team All American second baseman and first-ever AMCC Conference Player of the Year. He also received the First Team NCAA All Region second baseman and won three AMCC Conference Baseball Champion titles during his career. His batting average peaked at .432 during his junior year.

Feikles hoped for a professional playing career, but a broken hand and recurring issues with torn cartilage in his shoulder drove him in a different direction.

“It wasn’t anything that could be controlled,” Feikles said. “But I think it may have been God’s way of telling me I should go into (coaching).”

The outcome proved rewarding, as Feikles now trains professionals of the same Boston Red Sox organization that saw iconic players like David Ortiz imprint their own legacies onto baseball history.

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