Broadening the Spheres of a 30-Year Influence

Impact is made at the crossroads of unrelenting passion and a determined purpose. With a strong embrace of both, Gannon’s Center for Social Concerns (CSC) has been helping students connect their hearts with the deep needs of the world. This image of vocation rings true as the work of the CSC, which continues to innovate to deepen through local and global partnerships.

Center for Social Concerns Founded in 1988 Happy Birthday

Watch Alumni offer greetings and well wishes as the CSC celebrates 30 years.

Founded in 1988 and inspired by Catholic Social Teaching, the CSC equips students and campus colleagues to engage with local and global communities through purposeful service, exploration and action for the common good. This year we celebrate the CSC’s 30-year history of impactful giving and reflect on its journey from a community service operation to a powerful, driving force behind global partnerships, societal integration, academic learning and sustainability.

A defining program of the CSC is its Alternative Break Service Trips (ABST), a program that has experienced a decade of innovation to deepen and grow its impact. Through national ABSTs, reputed alumni are offering their time, resources and expertise to cultivate relationships with students during their week of service and immersion. Across the globe, the Haiti ABST is modeling the creation of mutual, global partnerships while driving learning and economic development for more than 600 Haitian families.

As we celebrate the CSC’s 30th birthday, let us immerse ourselves deep into the folds of these ABSTs to learn what it means to give the gift of Gannon and how we, too, can inspire social transformation.

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