A Reason to Give

At Gannon University, we have been blessed by the support of a dedicated family who shares in a vision of transformative educational experiences, expansion of knowledge and unleashed potential. Inspired by this vision, these individuals have stepped forward to generously support our students in impactful ways.

This generosity comes in many forms, but what invariably characterizes the drive for donor generosity is not merely a capacity to give, but a passion to give. 

For President of Insurance Management Company (IMC), John C. Bloomstine, CPCU, ARM ’82 and his family, that passion manifested itself in the blurred lines between Gannon’s campus and the larger Erie community. Believing that “future growth for Gannon is future growth for Erie,” the Bloomstines have chosen not only to invest in Gannon University, but in a legacy of community-focused leaders within Erie. 

“Gannon is the heartbeat of the downtown. It sparks a vibe in the community,” Bloomstine said. 

As a Gannon University alumnus, he would know. Gannon has become a family tradition not just for Bloomstine, but for many in his family as well, including his wife, Colleen (Gallagher) ’86 and son, William ’16, the latter of whom is now working in the industry with his father. 

Bloomstine credits his Gannon professors for instilling him with community-centered values. “I didn’t just see my professors in the classroom, but in the community,” he said. “These interactions made me realize it wasn’t just about Gannon or just about classes; it was what was going on in the broader community around me.”

Now, Bloomstine is leaving his own legacy in that community. After graduation, he became joint owner of IMC and later took full ownership, building it into a highly reputable third-generation, family-owned commercial, industrial and institutional insurance agency. 

The firm has earned numerous quality recognitions, including the Erie Quality Award and Pennsylvania’s Keystone Quality Award, and is the sole insurance brokerage in the United States to have earned the Risk and Insurance Management Society’s National Quality Award. In service to his community, Bloomstine also served as director of the Erie Regional Chamber & Growth Partnership and participates on various non-profit boards. 

“Gannon is the heartbeat of the downtown. It sparks a vibe in the community”

“Insurance management is about supporting local business growth, because without insurance, you can’t do much,” Bloomstine said, emphasizing the role of his business within the community.

Like his father before him, Bloomstine is a generous donor to Gannon University and has faithfully given to the annual fund since shortly after graduation. In support of educational accessibility, he and his family have provided the Bloomstine Family Endowed Scholarship for more than a decade, preparing community-driven students to advance Erie’s revitalization by helping local businesses manage insurance risk.  

But Bloomstine chooses to also maximize on this financial giving by providing hands-on, experiential learning opportunities for students. Partnering with David Smith, instructor of management and business administration at Gannon, Bloomstine frequently delivers in-class presentations to students in Gannon’s risk management insurance program and welcomes these classes into his business to promote engagement between experts and students. He additionally served as chairman of Gannon’s Business Ambassadors. 

“We value the mission of Gannon University and want to see the risk management insurance program grow and be sustained,” said Bloomstine of his vision for his continued support. 

Do you ever wonder how impactful donor giving really is? Every community has its borders, but through the generosity of alumni donors like Bloomstine and his family, Gannon is pushing those that bound Erie by preparing students to serve as experts within local and global communities.

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