President's Message

When I sat down to write this message for my last edition of Gannon Magazine as President, I took a moment to reflect and was curious: What did I say in my first message as President? These words caught my attention:

"Together we will build upon the dedication of Gannon’s past leaders, celebrate our heritage and traditions, and maintain continuity and sense of community while the university embraces its ongoing transformation. It is an exciting time of opportunity for each of us to contribute our own experience, ideas and energy to ensure our continued success."

Naturally, I had to then also glance at the special Magazine edition that shared insight into my first 100 days in office and plans for the years ahead.

"The most enjoyable part of life is continuing to learn and to get to know and share ideas, hopes and dreams with those around us. The next 100 days needs to be a continued, yet more focused, discussion about what is most important to us now and to securing a better tomorrow. We will work together to flesh out and prioritize our many possible directions and ventures."

To think of all that’s evolved from that first message and the first 100 days to now staggers me. 

There’s a lot I could share and say about the milestones that were achieved over the dozen years, and I am proud of all that has been accomplished. The most important place to shine the spotlight of recognition is on the amazing work of the many members of the Gannon community. Our students, faculty, staff and alumni are the ones whose successes I celebrate, and they are the ones who will continue to transform the lives of those around them in the years ahead. 

Although it’s my last President’s Message for the Gannon Magazine, the contents of it are no different in sharing accolades of our Gannon family – new faces taking on new roles, forward-thinking initiatives to preserve our planet, compelling stories of our students’ journeys. All are reminders of the great work that has been accomplished and are beacons of what we will continue to achieve together. 

"I am so grateful for my time here at Gannon, and am humbled to have worked with so many wonderful people and the experiences I’ve had."

I am forever thankful to my family for their unwavering support and to the Gannon community for your service and dedication to making Gannon University an amazing adventure.

Keith Taylor, Ph.D., President

Gannon University
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