Alstadt Environmental Center: Creating Connections Beyond the Classroom

A generous gift from Judith Alstadt has established the Donald M. and Judith C. Alstadt Environmental Center, taking learning outside the classroom for many students and faculty. 

The waterfront property, located on 3.57 acres of land on Brokenstraw Creek in Warren County, Pennsylvania, will create an array of opportunities to live, learn and conduct research in a setting that offers unparalleled access to diverse ecosystems.

Faculty representing the programs that will utilize this unique learning environment, such as freshwater and marine biology and environmental engineering, had the opportunity to meet and thank Judith Alstadt at the official signing of the gift to Gannon.

“The Donald M. and Judith C. Alstadt Environmental Center serves as the cornerstone for current academic programs and a host for new ones,” said Walter Iwanenko, Ph.D., Gannon University vice president for academic affairs. “This will establish a permanent research facility of the type that is unique to our region.”

The property’s two lodges and extensive observation decks overlook the creek where Gannon students in biology, freshwater and marine biology, environmental science, environmental engineering and other disciplines will immerse themselves in hands-on field research, a signature component of Gannon’s undergraduate student experience.

“Our goal at Gannon University is to provide an environment for faculty and students to partner in learning, and this extraordinary gift certainly achieves that goal.”

“This new addition is an ideal location that opens a world of opportunities for interdisciplinary study and research,” said Keith Taylor, Ph.D., Gannon University president. “Our goal at Gannon University is to provide an environment for faculty and students to partner in learning, and this extraordinary gift certainly achieves that goal. It is fitting that such transformative learning experiences are being made possible by a long-time educator such as Mrs. Alstadt.”

The Center’s unique location and facilities will also open the door to collaborations with government and non-profit agencies, and primary and secondary schools throughout the region.

The gift of the Warren County property was immeasurably aided by the work of Thomas J. Loftus, member of the Gannon University Board of Trustees and friend of Donald and Judith Alstadt. 

Judith Alstadt’s late husband was chairman of LORD Corp and a great supporter of learning and of Gannon University, its students and programs.

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